Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Our mission is to improve your skin’s health. Dedicated to this purpose, we provide advanced skin care, diagnosis, and treatment backed by science.


What is “Diagnostic” Skin Care?

Diagnostic refers to the process of analyzing the underlying condition of the skin, as opposed to cosmetically improving the skin’s appearance.

We’re looking for the cause of skin problems, not just the symptoms you may be experiencing on the surface of your skin.

Our first priority is to go over your health history, genetic background, lifestyle, and skincare regimen, because these factors individually and collectively contribute to the condition and appearance of the skin. Click here to learn more

The Best Skin Care Products In The World

It’s no secret that the skin care market is literally flooded with thousands of different products for your skin.

Some products are backed by solid science, while others are pure gimmicks. Depending on your skin type, some products you find in stores may actually damage your skin long term!

We continuously search world-wide for the latest in Skin Care Science, and we offer the very best medical-grade products available.

Plus, we never recommend any products until we’ve fully diagnosed your skin situation. Click here to learn more

Contact us for a Consultation

If you have tried other skin care treatments that have failed, and if you are ready to take an active role in the treatment and care of your skin, call us:

(805) 494-3173

We are ready to hear from you and schedule your first skin consultation at your convenience. We will explore your personal history to give you a diagnosis and treatment options unique to YOU.

What Our Clients Say

I began seeing Mariam when I was 31 … I am now 41 … and thanks to her, my skin looks like it did when I first walked through her door. People always ask me about my skin care regime, and now I happily answer “GO SEE MARIAM!”

– Jennifer D.

I can’t imagine my life without Mariam and The Skin Care Clinic. Mariam carries all the latest and most effective skin care products and services and is a wealth of information.  The difference in my skin tone is remarkable. I love the personal touch and calming atmosphere. After over 10 years, I’d be hard pressed to ever give it up.

– Debbie G.
I have known Mariam for more than 25 years and I would never go to anyone else for my skin care.  Her knowledge and experience is invaluable.
– Brenda S.
I have never met anyone so dedicated and professional as Mariam.  The Skin Care Clinic is and has always been a forerunner in the latest treatments and products. I have been a client since 1988 and people are always saying, “No, you are not 55!” (thanks to Mariam!)
– Abigail A.
Being very detail-oriented, Mariam offers an environment that is soothing, relaxing, welcoming and rejuvenating.  I appreciate her thoroughness and, especially, her enthusiasm and zest for wanting to help uncover the beauty in all of us, both inside and out. After each visit, I find myself completely renewed and ready to face the world!
– Kathy S.

I have been coming to The Skin Clinic for years.  The staff is always professional and the atmosphere restful.  Mariam has made a real difference in my skin and the overall appearance of my skin. At 58, getting a real professional to not only help my skin but EDUCATE ME …is the difference.

– Craige Story
Mariam is one in a million; she has been taking care of my skin for close to ten years now… I drive fairly far to see her but would continue seeing her even if I moved out of state!!!
– Magdalena M.

For a decade now I have maintained my skin’s elasticity, tone, and have remained wrinkle free thanks to Mariam and the advanced skin care line she recommends, a winning combination that continues to work magic on my face.

– Jennifer D.

Mariam is my skin care guru, and I am ever so grateful that she makes aging a thing of beauty!

– Jennifer D.