Wrinkle Correction

What is it?

What is happening to the skin as we age? At one time, we accepted wrinkles as a “right of passage” of sorts. With age, comes wisdom, lines and wrinkles. We have in recent years, however, began to learn what is really going on, and moreover, that it can be dramatically altered.

What are the causes?

The abundance of collagen, elastin, and fat the skin has in youth accounts for the flawless smooth look that begins to fade in adulthood. Environmental factors–some controllable, others not (sun exposure, poor diet, smoking, and exaggerated muscle movement), accelerate the process that genetics have set in motion. We now see that wrinkles are a matter of the skin losing these youthful elements, and this can be remedied with new advanced products and treatments.

  • Forehead Wrinkles – Wrinkles on the forehead most commonly appear in two ways: As vertical lines just above the nose, often referred to as “the elevens”; or horizontal rows across the forehead. The “elevens”, or glabellar lines, result from squinting, scowling, worrying or just plain thinking. The horizontal lines may result from normal animation while talking, or from holding the brows up with the primary muscle of the forehead (the frontalis) during times of stress, or just naturally. These lines are primarily the result of continual muscle contraction and can become very deep over time.

How can it be prevented?

Many of the dermal fillers we use to treat wrinkles are bio-stimulants of the body’s own collagen. Dermal fillers have a cumulative effect and will maintain the desired look longer as you become a regular user. Advanced laser treatments can help your skin remodel its elastin and reproduce collagen to correct many of our wrinkle conditions.

What are the treatments?

  • Forehead Wrinkles – The goal of treating the forehead is to maintain some movement, giving a natural, but relaxed appearance. Most physicians treat forehead rows with a wrinkle relaxer. In the United States, the only FDA-approved wrinkle relaxer is BOTOX® Cosmetic . Properly injected into specific muscles, BOTOX® will lessen the movement of the chosen muscles preventing excessive movement. This causes the wrinkles to relax, and in many cases disappear entirely for a period of time.